Yoga and Pilates, Trekking, Horse Riding, Balloon Flights, ATV, Self-catering- Eat Yourself, Cave Meeting Room, Jazz Night…

Yoga and Pilates

The calm atmosphere of Pigeon Valley, the unique location of the Farm House and the huge lawn area are ideal for yoga and Pilates groups. Please contact us for your individual activities or instructor requests.
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Please request a map and brochure for private trail recommendations or guided walks.
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Horse Riding

There are horse tours, hiking and active climbing trails in the valleys for sportive personalities. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional rider, it is possible to explore Cappadocia with horse tours. A little activity with tame horses and experienced guides wouldn’t be bad.
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Balloon Flights

The best way to enjoy the all-encompassing and stunning colours as the sun rises over Cappadocia, is up in a hot air balloon. The landscape seems even more wonderous as other-worldly as you float above it. According to world statistics, Cappadocia is the region with the most favourable weather conditions in terms of hot air balloon flights. You will be picked up from your hotel before sunrise, and taken to the departure areas where balloons are prepared after coffee and cookies. You watch excitedly as the balloons are inflated. After a fantastic 45-minute flight experience, you are brought back to Les Maisons de Cappadoce.

You can apply to our reception office for reservation.

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Göreme is a town where dozens of companies serve together with the most natural and sights to see and where many trails cross. You can get support from our welcome office for the best quality service and equipment reservation.
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Self-catering, Eat Yourself – Drink Yourself

Our guests, who want to cook in their kitchen, can combine local flavours with their own skills using ingredients from local markets. While the children are exploring the fairy chimneys right next to you, you can enjoy the beautiful weather and nature without thinking about anything on your sunbed and read your book. You are welcome to consume food and beverages that you bring with you or purchased outside the hotel in your own home or studio. There is a stone barbecue on every terrace and, depending on the type of accommodation, a refrigerator, an oven and a hob in the kitchen.
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We get to know Cappadocia every day at 18:00, ``Cave Meeting Room``

You can get information about Cappadocia with visuals, thanks to the presentations made in our rock carved cave hall, which was once used as the village school. Entrance is from the garden, right next to our reception office.
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