We are talking about a series of stone houses located in Uçhisar, one of the most beautiful villages of the region, each of them with its own garden or terrace, restored preserving its natural state, intertwined with fairy chimneys, overlooking Pigeon Valley and very unique Cappadocia view.


Erciyes, Hasan and Göllü volcanic mountains’ eruptions, erosion created by wind and fast flowing rivers, have formed and shaped the fairy chimneys and the geography of Cappadocia over millions of years. It has hosted many civilizations and religions in history. Churches carved into rocks, underground cities, caravansaries and silk road…
The natural wealth and the hospitality of local people, the village life with its own rhythm and its safe environment, especially for children, a rooster that break the silence or dogs remind us longing for the past.


Central Anatolia’s hot and dry weather with low humidty in summer time gives bareble hot days and cool nights. Uçhisar is a very pleasant town with its gentle breeze at an altitude of 1,300 meters and its position overlooking the view of Cappadocia. The temperature is 25-35 degrees during the day in the summer and 15-18 degrees below the daytime temperature in the evenings. In winters, the valleys are covered with snow. Fairy chimneys look like they are wearing their white clothes. The temperature sometimes reaches -20 and above on very harsh winter nights…